Slack Wax   Slack Wax Sure about the 100% pure quality if you buy from us. © 2010  Made with GCT Co. Applications: This product is used as blending components or waterproofing agents in the manufacture  of various industrial products such as candles, polishes, matches, inks, carbon paper and  externally can be applied as good dust suppressants or controlledrelease agents for  various chemical and fertilizers.  Advantages: High paraffin contents. High flash points. Light color and non-staining properties.
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Typical physical characteristics Characteristic                                   SW Light     SW Heavy     Test Method ASTM Kinematic viscosity @ 100 °c ,cSt         5.5              7.5                  D-445 Flash point, °c                                       238             249                 D-92 Specific gravity@25°c/25°c                   0.890          0.890              IP-190 Oil content, (wt%)                                  14              16                   D-721 Congealing point, °c                              54               61                  D-937 Color                                                     0.5              0.5                  D-1500 Drop melting point, °c                            57               64                  D-127