Paraffin Wax  Paraffin Wax Sure about the 100% pure quality if you buy from us. © 2010  Made with GCT Co. Paraffin Uses: Candle making Coatings for waxed paper or cloth. Coating for many kinds of hard cheese, like Edam cheese. Preparing specimens for histology. Solid propellant for hybrid rockets Sealing jars, cans, and bottles In dermatology, as an emollient Surfing, for grip on surfboards as a component of surf wax. Food-grade paraffin wax is used in some candies to make them look shiny. Although edible, it is not digestible; it passes right through the body without being broken down. Non-food grade paraffin wax can contain oils and other impurities which may be toxic or harmful. Impure mixtures of mostly paraffin wax are used in wax baths for beauty and therapy purposes.
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